Personal Injury


Ms. McCarthy has been involved in representing individuals and companies for over 15 years in personal injury claims. She has extensive experience in litigating issues involving:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defamation
  • Assault & battery
  • Fraud
  • Sexual abuse
  • Products liability
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Negligent hiring and retention

Ms. McCarthy has been involved in successfully litigating several multi-million dollars cases to verdict and  has also effectively arbitrated high dollar value cases.

Ms. McCarthy believes her clients deserve a hands-on approach to their litigation matters and believes in personally interviewing all of her clients, witnesses, and experts from athe medical professional to the accident reconstructionist. Her diligence ensures that she is fully committed and involved in your case. She personally oversees all discovery, motions, depositions, and trial preparation.She believes in being prepared in all aspects of the litigation process to present your most effective case whether it is at the settlement negotiation stage, mediation or at trial. She has successfully employed a multitude of experts and worked with them tirelessly to assist in the preparation of your case. In most cases, the firm does not seek advance fees or retainers when handing your personal injury claims. You pay nothing in attorney’s fees if you do not prevail on your claim.


No, our services are free and in most instances you pay for nothing unless we obtain a settlement or judgment for you. If we agree to take on your case, we believe that you should recover and we will cover any upfront litigation costs and attorney’s fees until you receive your settlement or award. Your medical expenses are usually covered by your insurance. If you need help with those expenses, we have companies that can be referred to you.

Usually no. Most cases ultimately are resolved in mediation. However, sometimes an insurance company will stall and refuse to pay what a claim is worth. Sometimes this requires a party or your doctor testify in a deposition or at a hearing. We prepare you and your case so that the process is easy and smooth. Often settlements are provided without ever stepping into any court. This is where our experience and knowledge comes in to protect you. If a trial is ever needed, we have the litigation experience to make that process easy as well.

Our clients rarely lose. This is because we select our cases and prepare them well. We give you sound legal advice along the way. If we feel your case is not strong, or there is a potential for a problem, we will tell you upfront what to expect. Often other attorneys will take on your case and make unrealistic promises. They settle your case for less then you expect and you see pennies on the dollar. We never engage in or use such tactics. Instead, our knowledge and experience to evaluate your claim upfront leads everyone to make an informed decision and, thus, there are rarely any disappointments.

A case can be settled in a few days to a few weeks, but sometimes it may take longer. Often complex personal injury cases or ones involving significant medical treatment have to be settled only once an individual knows all of their damages. Thus, the length of a legal resolution depends on the type of case and issues you are facing. Our job is to make any settlement or trial time period as painless as possible so you can receive swift and complete justice. Ms. McCarthy wants you to focus on your recovery and avoid the stress of dealing with insurance companies. 

Every claim is different. Some claims have legal deadlines to file suit. Thus, knowing your rights and time limits is imperative so you can receive the justice you and your family deserve. We offer free in office consultations to discuss your case and what you need to be aware of so that legal loopholes do not prevent you from recovering for any injury or damage done to you and your family. Don’t wait to call and set up an appointment!

Often attorneys on television offer quick and immediate solutions, but they are often misleading you. Once you have retained them, they often require you to sign away your rights to settle the case or they pass you on to another firm. You are then left navigating the status of your case through paralegals or other attorneys. The process can add insult to an already devastating injury. At our firm, Ms. McCarthy personally handles all important aspects of your case. She oversees all of the compilation of evidence and evaluates your case at every stage. Having begun her career working for insurance companies, she knows all the tricks they employ!  You will have direct access to have any of your questions answered immediately. She never asks you to sign away your rights. You are in total control of the amount you settle for and she never compromises your claim for her own firm’s personal financial interest. 

Call us or email us immediately. It is so imperative to get immediate legal advice to secure your rights and prevent being taken advantage of by insurance companies. Preserve any evidence through pictures and statements of witnesses, get phone numbers and contact information for anyone with knowledge of the circumstances of your case. Secure a copy of any police report. Most of all, call us before speaking to any insurance company. Don’t delay seeking medical treatment if you are injured. The sooner your address your injury the easier it is to recover. Know that there are often deadlines to notify insurance carriers to preserve your rights, Make sure we are there to represent you every step of the way. It can make all the difference to your case.

A complete free evaluation of your claim is available at any time. Do not rely on friends or family or internet advice. Get advice directly from an experienced attorney, like Ms. McCarthy, who cares about you and your family. Call us today!.

Call us immediately as we can also serve as defense counsel in civil matters. We know how to protect your rights and whether or not you may also have a claim. No one should be threatening anyone and make sure you know how to fully protect yourself. It can make a significant difference to have personal counsel there to advise you.