Divorce Planning and Timelines

Sometimes divorces can be planned and that can significantly help make the process smoother. However, other times, a spouse is caught off guard by a surprise divorce filing. Thus, it is imperative in those certain or even uncertain times to have a plan. Whether you need divorce planning or you feel overwhelmed, we can help you plan and prepare for what lies ahead. We help our clients prepare a plan of action for what lies ahead. Whether you have anticipated a divorce or not, we help guide you through the timeline and streamline the process. This can make all the difference in the outcome and the final cost. Divorce is hard, but having the right plans and timelines in place can make your divorce significantly smoother. The Law Office of Susan J. McCarthy should be your first call. We often help immediately by:

  • Establishing a realistic timeline for your case. Whether it is a simple or complicated divorce, contested or uncontested, we can make your life simple and answer all of your questions, We resolve immediate child custody issues, often eliminating the need for custody battles, and we set realistic plans for your family based on any unique circumstances. 
  • Tapping into available resource such as other financial advisors, accountants, therapists and other support systems to create a team of professionals to handle any complex issue that may be facing your family. Thus, we are experienced in bringing together a wholistic plan of action to tackle any uncertainty or stress you may be facing. Plan your divorce effectively upfront can save you money and heartache later. .We will help you plan out your divorce day by day so you can breathe a little easier and stop worrying about the details.

To learn more about how our team approaches divorce, visit our divorce page. To schedule a consultation with our experienced, compassionate legal team, contact us online or via phone at (770) 888-9111

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The Strength of Experience on Your Side

You and your family’s life can be changed forever in an instant. You may be left with catastrophic injuries that cause physical, emotional and financial pain. You may be facing a loss of a child or a family member and feel like you have no where to turn. We try to ease your pain and make sure that you and your family receive the justice you and your loved ones deserve. While no one can ever change a terrible accident, we can help you overcome feelings of isolation, hurt and pain.

In many instances, you may be entitled to a judgment and money damages for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering damages, punitive damages and other compensation for injuries caused by another’s intentional or negligent actions. Call us now to speak with a compassionate and experienced lawyer so you can fully understand your family’s rights to find justice and legal protection. We represent clients in all types of insurance claims and lawsuits from car accidents, truck accidents, sexual abuse,  malpractice, wrongful death, and premises liability all across metro Atlanta and North Georgia. If necessary, we can come to you and your family. Regardless of the circumstances leading up to your accident, you may be entitled to seek some compensation from an at fault party. .

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Why Choose the
Law Office of Susan J. McCarthy

  • Accessible

    For your convenience, our office is open Monday – Friday. We also offer weekend hours by appointment. We also offer free in office consultations and some phone consultations where appropriate. 

  • Determination

    Our priority is you. We are determined to fight for you and satisfy whatever legal need you may have.

  • Preparation

    Tireless preparation at all stages is our specialty and what sets us apart.

  • Integrity

    We represent our clients with integrity and honesty. We always tell our clients the truth about their case, the good or bad, so they can make the best decision for themselves and their family.

  • Experience

    Twenty five years of litigation experience in federal, state or local courts prove there is no case too big or too small to tackle.

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