What are the Most Common Reasons for Getting Divorced?

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According to the CDC, there are around 827,000 divorces each year. Across the US, this comes out to nearly 70,000 each month and over 2,200 divorces each day. There are a lot of reasons for couples to find themselves in divorce court. However, there are some reasons for divorce that are more common than others. Here are some of the most common reasons couples choose to file for a divorce.

6 Common Reasons for Divorce

Disagreements About Money

Money and bills can cause a lot of stress in a relationship. Finances are one of the main reasons couples engage in marriage counseling. There may be a lack of money or a gap between how much each partner contributes to the household. When this occurs, power struggles may occur, or they can cause imbalances in the relationship. This kind of damage in a marriage can be difficult to get through and repair is difficult. Couples may seek the assistance of a divorce attorney when their relationship cannot be easily mended.


Adultery is another common reason couples divorce. When one spouse has a sexual relationship outside of marriage, it is considered adultery or infidelity. Today, many occurrences of infidelity don’t occur face-to-face, they can occur over any of the social media platforms, Skype, text messages, or other ways. When one partner cheats for any reason, the other partner feels betrayed. This can mean the end of their relationship.

Lack of Communication

Communication issues can affect virtually everything in a marital relationship from money to sex. When couples argue too much, it makes it difficult to sit down to have a reasonable conversation about what has gone wrong. For some marriages, adultery causes a breakdown in communication. For other couples, it may be money, problems with the kids, or other disagreements that cause communication to break down. When there is a lack of productive conversations, the marriage often ends in divorce.

Addiction or Substance Abuse

When someone in a family becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol, it can put all the members in danger. Addiction changes a person’s priorities and judgment. There are many types of addictions that lead to divorce including prescription medications, online pornography, and gambling. When one partner is addicted, the other partner is negatively affected, and it can be difficult to navigate past the pain. Many divorces are the result of addiction.

Change in Priorities

When the priorities of one spouse or partner change, it often leads to a divorce. It can be that one partner becomes distracted from family concerns and activities because of their work, friends, or hobbies. Older adults from 40 to 60 often “fall out of love.” This is common after they have raised their children. Once the kids grow up and leave home, couples find they no longer have things in common. While they were seeing to their children and keeping up with busy schedules, they grew apart.

Abusive Partners

When a relationship becomes abusive, the partner who is abused should seek help from a qualified professional. Abuse has a negative impact on any marriage. Unless the abuser seeks help and is willing to change, the marriage should be dissolved.

Contact an Atlanta Divorce Attorney

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