What to do if you are Involved in an Automobile Accident

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No one leaves their home in the morning thinking they will be involved in an automobile accident. However, every year over six million car crashes occur. There’s no doubt that you will be upset and anxious if you are involved in an automobile accident. But if you know what to do it can help you stay calm. This can help prevent problems at the accident scene and make it easier to deal with insurance companies later. Here are some things to do if you are in a car wreck.

Tips for Immediately After an Accident

Check for injuries or danger.

Safety is of utmost importance following a crash. Check yourself and any passengers with you to assess conditions and safety. Are you injured? Do you smell gasoline or smoke? Is your vehicle in heavy traffic? These are some of the questions you’ll want to ask to assess your surroundings and your situation.

Move Your Vehicle or Call 911.

If everyone in your car is okay and your vehicle still runs, move it out of harm’s way. Usually, there is room to move over to the shoulder of the road to keep it away from other traffic. If anyone is injured, call 911. After calling 911, turn your car off, turn the hazard lights on, and wait for help from emergency services.

When you call 911 the police should be dispatched. You may request a police presence as you will need a detailed police report. This document is essential for settling insurance claims as it is unbiased documentation of the incident.

Exchange Information.

Obtain the name and phone number of the other driver and other persons who are involved if possible. You will also want the names and numbers of anyone who witnessed the accident. Make sure to get insurance information from any other drivers and give them your insurance information.

Take Photographs.

Nearly everyone has a phone that can take pictures. Take pictures of the damage done to all of the vehicles, not just yours, if you can do so safely. You may want to include photos of the entire scene. It is helpful if you can get photos of any injuries, cuts, or bruises. Do not share the photos on social media sites. It can be harmful to your case should it go to court later.

Seek Medical Attention.

Sometimes, you don’t think you are injured at the scene. Some injuries are not felt immediately. Your body kicks up its supply of adrenaline to help you cope and it can mask injuries. Also, pain doesn’t always show up until days later. Get checked out by a medical professional so you can get treatment as needed. This helps you on your journey to a full recovery.

Seek Legal Advice.

Before you sign any documents or make any statements to insurance companies, speak with an experienced injury attorney.

File an Insurance Claim.

You may want to call your insurer at the scene of the accident. If you cannot, you will need to notify them as soon as possible. They can help you with the claims process.

Call a Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta

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